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Premier league is approaching. You might be going to the first game of the season. You might be going to the last game of the season. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are going to a Premier League match and that you are prepared. 

What Premier League Essentials do you need? And we are not talking about jerseys as every fan needs a jersey. 

This post will help you get prepared.

Right Tickets

Most people buy tickets without any research out of fear that they will be sold out before they can research.

If you really want to enjoy a match, you need to research. A bad seat can ruin your experience. And we are not talking about comfort but about the ability to see and the people around you. If you don't want to support but simply want to sit then getting a seat in a sector with the best fans is a bad idea. 

And make sure you get a seat in a location that will be safe. Especially if it's an away game. You don't want to be in the wrong sector. Research matters.

Portable Charger

It's 2017. We love taking pictures. Whether or Snapchat or Instagram. We just love pictures. And we also love videos. We simply love documenting. The problem with documenting is that matches last 90 minutes or more. It's hard to tell when something interesting will happen in a match which is why many of us simply have their phones ready at all times. 

But our phones often cannot handle 90 minutes of constant usage. You need a portable charger for a match. It's the same when you are attending a conference.

Zendure A8 QC will charge your phone at a quick pace with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. It holds way more power than you will need for a match which is why it has four USB ports. So that your friends can charge their phones too. 

Fantasy Premier League

This is an essential for every fan of football. It's especially an essential for football fans that don't have a favourite team. Fantasy Premier League adds more excitement as it makes you support somebody. You want somebody to score. You want them to play well. You have a budget. You select a squad.

How does it work? You have a budget. You select a squad. Your players get points based on their actual performance in real games. You can then win prizes if your team performs well. And if you can even make custom leagues and compete with the teams of your friends.

Correct Planning

We all have certain obligations. Whether work or minding our children. You need to work around your obstacles before they are big problems. Don't just decide you are going to go a game a day before it's on only to realize that you are working on a Saturday and can't. 

Make sure to plan long before. By doing so, you eliminate certain problems such as work schedule. You also make your trip cheap if you have to get a hotel for instance.


At the end of the day, you don't need a phone. You don't always need to document everything. You do however want to stay safe. And using your phone before a match also takes your battery. And a phone that's out of battery won't let you get in contact with people. And that's a big problem when it comes to your safety.

You do certainly need the right tickets for an optimal experience, and you need to plan correctly to keep that optimal experience. Otherwise, you might find yourself stressing.

So start planning now. 

Written by Michael Smolski


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