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Since its launch in 2006, MacBook Pro, as the premier high-end professional laptop, has been more and more popular among an increasing number of users. In July 2018, Apple released the new laptop - the MacBook Pro 2018 version. The 2018 MacBook Pro is fully equipped with Intel's eighth-generation core processor and with Apple T2 chip. With such newest high-end configurations, users experience has been improved significantly.

However, we are always afraid that our laptops have a low battery, especially when we go travelling or use the laptops outdoors without outlet for charging. What about the battery and charging speed of Mac Pro 2018 version?

According to an evaluation, the new 15-inch MacBook Pro can provide up to nine hours of power in normal use (with half the maximum brightness, meanwhile with WI-FI surfing and text editing). The native charger is a 61W Apple charger (A1947). As to charging speed, it could be charged up to 64% power in one hour, and fully charged in 2 hours and 16 minutes. So, the battery and charging speed of Mac Pro 2018 version performs well in general.

But what if we forget to bring the original charger or outlets are limited so that we could not charge our laptops? At that urgent time a portable charger is a life-saving straw. Some power banks could even extend your laptops and mobile phones for several rounds. And also, there is a Zendure power bank called X6, which could not only charge your Mac Pro, but also help you to connect your Mac Pro to HDMI devices with its hub mode. Now it is crowdfunding on Indiegogo and it’s confirmed X6 is popular worldwide.

What HDMI Can Bring to Your Mac Pro

HDMI is a kind of high definition video and audio interface, which mainly meets the demand of high definition videos. In the current mainstream notebook, LCD TV, video card and motherboard, HDMI are common. The highest rate of HDMI is up to 5 GBPS data transmission and it can support 2 k, 1080 p, 720 p format full high definition video output, so it is currently the most popular HD interface. The common VGA display interface cannot reach to the performance of HDMI, their gap in data transmission capacity is very big just as the gap between broadband telephone broadband and fiber.

With HDMI, we can connect the 1080P resolution monitor or LCD TV to Mac Pro and then play 1080P full high definition video, getting a smoother and clearer viewing experience.

Zendure X6: The Most Versatile Power Bank & Hub Ever

Because users want the data transfer function between different devices Zendure worked hard to meet these requests. Zendure’s engineering team modified the circuit for compatibility with a hub module and re-arranged the whole PCB layout to accommodate the additional hardware. And thus the new X6 was born. X6 was recommended widely by all kinds of Gadgets magazine and news platforms, such as GadgetsFlow, Geeky Gadgets, SHOUTS, CISION, etc.

X6 Charging

X6 is a great power bank for charging. It has three core features that exceeds others: fast charging, high capacity and pass-through charging. The new X6 provides full-speed charging for the latest devices including the Mac Pro 2018, with its USB-C PD its max delivery power is up to 45W.

It has a 20,000 mAh battery to extend your devices for several times and yet X6 itself could be charged within 3 hours. With the help of the high-end pass-through charging technology, X6 is so unique and powerful as it could charge your gadgets while itself is being charged on the UPS mode, which is a function rarely seen in other power banks.

X6 Data Transfer

It is a versatile power bank for data transfer. X6 comes with USB Hub mode (compatible with USB 2.0) that provides data transfer functions over its USB ports. When you connect the USB-C Hub port to USB-C port of your device, you can seamlessly charge your device as well as sync and manage your files with 2 USB-A ports between USB-C HUB port.

Nowadays, devices and accessories that could connect to HDMI gadgets are more and more useful and popular because people’s demand in high-definition videos is increasing. A power bank that could both extend the HDMI function of Mac Pro and charging is really a great choice.

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