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What is your preferred travel method? Plane, train, bus, or car? When traveling a considerable distance, planes are often preferred, but not always affordable. Luckily, in many places of the world there are great public transportation systems that make taking the bus, light rail, or train easy.

The only drawback? Bus and train transportation options take much longer. So how can you make time pass quicker on a bus in 2018?

On long journeys you need something to pass the time, especially if that is your daily or weekly commute.

Love Games? Play on a Nintendo Switch.

If you love gaming, there's no better way to pass time on a bus or train. While there are different portable gaming consoles available, the Nintendo Switch has pulled ahead in popularity.

Nintendo Switch is portable, and has become a big phenomenon in the mobile gaming industry. Smartphones can be great for gaming, but phones still don't provide the experience that physical buttons or a bigger screen does. Plus, smartphone games cannot match the quality the Switch provides.

Nintendo Switch is also great for playing with friends if you are traveling together. Time will fly much faster when staying occupied with games.

And the bonus? Our new Zendure X6 USB-C PD Power Bank & Hub will allow you to charge your Switch at its fastest possible speed.

Behind on Your Shows? Stream on Your Phone.

If you want to make the time pass faster on a bus or train, watch a show or movie on your phone or tablet. With WiFi on most trains and buses, streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime make staying entertained easy.

And if there is no WiFi, you’re in luck. Netflix allows you to download movies and shows in advance to watch offline. Make sure you bring your headphones and next thing you know, you will be at your destination!

Feeling Productive? Work on Your Laptop.

If you have some work to catch up on or are feeling especially productive, your commute is a great time to work. While there is some background noise, buses and trains tend to be quiet environments. If needed, put some earbuds on and the external sound will be blocked.

Plan ahead and make sure reliable WiFi will be available on your route. If it is spotty or not available at all, preparing for offline work is a great backup plan.

Traveling Somewhere New? Pack Your Adapter.


Whichever way you plan to pass the time, your device is sure to die within a few hours.

Luckily a lot of buses and trains have sockets these days, and even USB ports in some cases. If you are traveling for leisure or work in a different country, that socket will most likely differ from yours at home.

Zendure Passport Travel Adapter will solve your outlet issues.

Why should you have to buy a travel adapter for every trip when you can have one for all? That's what the Zendure Passport Travel Adapter is here for. Passport a universal adapter for all major socket types in the world. If you need to charge your devices abroad, Passport will be your best friend.

But what if the sockets don't work? This unfortunately happens more often than not.

Out Of Charge? Bring Some Power.

What if there's no available outlets on the bus? Or if the sockets simply don't work on the train?

Our A8 QC Power Bank offers 26,800 mAh of juice which will fully charge your laptop once or twice. This monster power bank will also charge your phone 7-9 times. Whether you are on your daily commute or traveling across the country, the A8 QC Power Bank is the perfect companion. It comes with Qualcomm Charge 3.0 meaning your devices will charge at their fastest possible speed.

If you aren't taking any major bus journeys until June, you can get our new X6 USB-C PD Hub, the most versatile USB-C power bank ever made.

It comes with a 20,000 mAh capacity, and it will charge your latest devices at the fastest charging speeds possible.

Your Nintendo Switch can be charged fully in 100 minutes. You can charge your AirPods up to 37.6 times. Don’t worry about frying your low-power devices. The X6 Power Bank comes with X-Charge™ that charges low-power devices with less power.

For more information on this amazing device, check out an X6 article here.

Make Time Fly By on Public Transportation

Traveling by bus or train can be boring. But these public transportation options allow you to get to your destination a cheaper cost.

Play games, stream shows and movies, and get some work done to pass time on your journey. Just remember to pack your adapter and power bank to keep your devices charged, and your commute time will be over before you know it.

Written by Michael Smolski.

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