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Smartphones updates happen so frequently that it makes some of them unnoticeable. Only some breakthroughs capture attention. Recently the release of Vivo NEX had everyone talking about Vivo. Excitement and concern lies in its unique moving camera and powerful battery.

A General Review of Vivo NEX

Among all the upgrades of phone products in 2018, Vivo stands out with its unique moving camera which was inserted in the body of phone instead of covering on the surface. According to the data, this camera is able to physically rise up from inside the phone smoothly and quickly within half a second. Creative as it is, some cons also accompany with it.

 Some people begin to doubt the durability of the mechanism as the phones are easy to drop from hand while photographing. Also, the more the camera moves, the more fragile it will be. Based upon this, the official gives its explanation: Vivo NEX can pop up 50,000 times with no problems, which means that 3-4 years of usage is ensured.

As for the battery, Vivo set up a flagship at its utmost battery---4000mAh. Durable as it is, the charging speed is not disappointing either. According to the official website, Vivo NEX is equipped with 22W charger and Type C port, which enables it to complete a full charge within one hour. Its instant charging is very impressive and you can easily juice it up within several minutes. There are still some flaws compared with Samsung S9 and iPhone X, Vivo NEX is not supportive of wireless charge. Nor does it support waterproofing feature.

Then we come to its design, priced at 600 EUR, Vivo NEX is a comprehensively competitive product with an almost all-screen design (6.5 inch). Its color is available at black and red. The bright red will easily attract attention.

Yet due to the inevitability of Internet use nowadays, heavy battery consumption has become an unavoidable trouble. However large the volume is, a smartphone can easily drain off its battery with various apps in operation. To avoid this annoyance, people always choose to get themselves prepared with backups—a power bank.

Power banks been in the market for a long time, yet only several of them received positive feedback. They generally share some features: large capacity, quick charge and portable size. Based upon these, here are some suggestions.

Zendure A8PD

Zendure A8 PD is an outstanding product that exceeds many people’s expectations on a power bank. Firstly, it is portable. Weighted at 1.06 pounds, it won’t weight down you bag too much. Secondly, it is durable---coming at 26,800mAh capacity, with its USB-C fast charging feature, it is able to deliver 30W power at a time, enabling to charge iPhone X up to 50% in just 30 minutes. As an ideal power bank always has a large capacity and efficient recharge, Zendure A8 PD is designed to get full recharge in just 3-4 hours as well, making it a competitive and efficient product.

For the consideration of convenience, many power banks in the market are designed with multi ports. Zendure A8 PD has 5 ports, which makes it the first 5-port USB PD power bank. In addition to charging 5 devices simultaneously, its USB-C PD port also provides faster charging for most Type-C PD laptops, Android phones and tablets.

Zendure A6 PD

Zendure A6 PD is equipped with USB-C power delivery output (45W) as well, which ensures its high-speed charging for USB Type-C PD enabled devices. Together with its high capacity at 20,100 mAh, it is a satisfying product for both traveling and business trips. Zendure A6 PD can easily charge MacBook 1.5 times and iPhone X 5.5times. Zendure has been dedicating to quality warranty for years, thereby products are always accompanied with warranty for at least two years of protection against defects.

Here we have got the answer. It takes an hour to charge Vivo NEX from 0% to 100%. As a Type-C port goes with Vivo NEX, it supports fast charging and can be easily boot up in a few minutes. Adding with its high capacity at 4000mAh, Vivo NEX will never let you down in battery durability and charging speed.


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