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For some it's Christmas. For some it's holidays. Either way, it’s that time of the year again. Festive atmosphere. Snow. Hot chocolate. And for some of you, it's travel time.

Whether you choose to go to the mountains in your own country, to a home exchange on GuestToGuest or fly to some location abroad, there are some holiday travel essentials that you should know about.

Several Layers of Clothing

Having a warm jacket is not good enough in winter. It just won't keep you warm. And the second you realize that you are cold, that's all of the fun gone. You will limit yourself in terms of going to places because you are too cold.

I went to Prague recently. I brought warm clothing. It still wasn’t good enough. In winter, it’s not enough to bring just a coat or jacket. You need layers. You need that turtleneck underneath your jacket. You need a body warmer. And if needed, you even need to use your travel pillow as a secondary scarf, as when you are cold, it's not how you look that matters, but how you feel.

Book Extra Luggage When Booking Flight

If you already booked your flight, you will probably have to pay more for this, if you didn't, then you are in luck. Buying luggage after you buy your flight tickets is more expensive. And you do need that extra piece of luggage.

Here's why.

A winter coat in your luggage takes up more space than all of your summer clothing if you were going on a trip of the same length. Winter sucks when it comes to space. Luckily, flights tend to be cheaper to make up for it.

You need that extra luggage as you need that second pair of boots along with a sweater and a spare jacket. It's worth the investment as the alternative is to be cold.

Get a Portable Charger

As much as you should stay away from your phone while away, it’s most often a necessary evil. Now, just because you bring your phone with you does not mean that you need to use it, but phones like to die even without them being used. Not bringing a portable charger is one of those things that you should not do when traveling. If you get lost, what then? Your phone is your savior when it comes to getting around unknown places.  And check out the post on how not to get lost while traveling if you are worried that you might get lost.

At Zendure, we offer several different choices for chargers. If you are in the mountains for several days and sleeping in a tent, the Zendure A8 QC should last your trip with its 26,800 mAh. A shorter trip or in a home? Perhaps the A3 will be a good choice.

And if you aren't going on a trip until later next year, perhaps wait until the new X6 comes out. There's an Indiegogo campaign running for it. We already reached 193% of our goal. It comes with USB-C and is able to charge devices are their top speeds.


Winter means cold. It means you need more. More takes more space. Invest in extra space. And have your phone charged. In case of emergencies.

Written by Michael Smolski.

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