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In Tech Advisor's roundup of the Best USB PD Power Banks for Charging your Laptop or Console, the top three products have one thing in common: they're all made by Zendure.

The number one pick is A6PD, Zendure's slimmest power bank, with 20,100mAh capcity and a variety of included input/output options. Tech Advisor was particularly impressed with the 45W USB-C input/output with Power Delivery (PD) compatibility:

"When used as an input it means you can refill this power bank in as little as four hours, and as an output it's meatier than many we've seen."

Second place was awarded to X6, which is not only a 45W, 20,100mAh power bank but a USB hub as well. While the aesthetic design of X6 is a departure from Zendure's A-Series Portable Chargers, Tech Advisor says X6 is "still as tough and rugged as they come".

Rounding up the trifecta is A8PD, Zendure's highest-capacity power bank, also boasting the highest capacity of all power banks in the list at 26,800mAh.

X6 and A8PD both include an LED display that shows the remaining charge. X6 includes data hub functionality, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capability and X-Charge™ mode for low-power compatibility. All three products include Zendure Customer Care and a two-year warranty.

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