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Vivo released its new Vivo NEX flagship mobile phone in June of 2018. The obvious innovation is that it hides the selfie camera inside the phone, which is the first one in all Android phones and even Apple iPhone. Thanks to this function, Vivo NEX has a much better screen ratio (the official claimed it’s over 90%) and its infinity display becomes an attractive feature.

However, the inside selfie camera makes the phone much thicker. FView Official Channel on YouTube gave an evaluation video of Vivo NEX and concluded that it will appeal more to men, especially game lovers. They don’t take a self-picture very often, but they are keen on King of Glory or PUBG. Vivo NEX could give users e-sports game experience due to its Snapdragon 710 hardware configuration, good heat dissipation, 4000mAh large capacity battery and quick charging. You can charge with its official quick charger with max 22.5W power delivery, or a quick charge portable charger that is compatible with it.

Why Quick Charge is Vital for Phones and Portable Chargers

For competition: Vivo NEX is in competition with Huawei P20, OPPO Find X, Xiaomi 8, One Plus 6, Hammer Nut R1, Lenovo Z5 and many other phone models. For flagship phones, fast charging is must-have feature. For example, Xiaomi founded by Lei Jun, its newly released Xiaomi 8 supports the latest QC4+ fast charging technology and the 18W charger is standard. And Huawei, Samsung, OPPO and other smart phone manufacturers have gradually adopted this configuration as one of their flagship mobile phones. In all the quick charge technologies, Qualcomm Quick Charge and Power Delivery are the most universal ones.

For users: The fast charge technology helps to shorten the waiting time for charging. For example, in the past, a mobile phone needs a few hours of full charge. Now, if the fast charge technology is supported and then a phone may be fully charged within one hour, which will undoubtedly enhance the user's experience.

Zendure A8 QC Portable Charger: A QC 3.0 Power Bank for Vivo NEX

For Vivo NEX users, a quick-charge-supported and high capacity power bank is what you are looking for, because Vivo NEX itself supports quick charge and has 4000mAh large capacity. Thus the A8 QC portable charger of Zendure is a good choice.

  1. A revolution in quick charging. There are not many portable chargers on the market that charge your devices so quickly——A8 QC is a charging monster. Thanks to its high-speed-charging technology (the certified Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0), A8 QC power bank is able to deliver the fastest possible charge for almost all Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other USB-charged devices.
  2. Rarely seen high 26,800mAh capacity: It’s the largest capacity in all the Zendure power bank series, representing its achievement in high size-to-capacity ratio. With such a large capacity, this power bank can easily extend your phone usage 7-9 times, and takes only 10-12 hours to recharge using a QC3.0 charger. For Vivo NEX which has a 4000mAh huge capacity, it can also be charged by A8 QC over 6 times.
  3. Amazing charge-through function: Charge-through support is one of the major achievements of USB Type-C and Zendure external batteries, it allows for multiple devices to be able to plug into the device and be charged while the power-bank itself is being charged. The benefit, of course, is that while traveling or playing games, you can simultaneously charge both cell phones and the power bank at the same time.
  4. Smart ZEN+ Technology. Zendure’s Zen+ Smart Charging Technology will automatically fine tune the power output according to your device. It not only enables the safe usage of maximal charging power but also makes charging much faster compared to traditional power sockets, which is a great protection for the device’s batteries.

Power banks that support Quick Charge 3.0 are one of the most useful charging electronics that you can get, because you’re able to charge your Quick Charge compatible devices while you’re on the move or playing games and binge-watching on Netflix (which consume lots of battery electricity). At the same time, you can charge it at a very fast speed. Get a Zendure power bank to charge your new Vivo NEX or other QC supported devices quickly.

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