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OnePlus 6 was released on May 23, 2018 and is available now on OnePlus net, which is good news for smartphone fans that go for fast charging and an outstanding camera. Its price is pretty competitive--- coming in at $529. According to the website information, OnePlus 6 is designed with dash charge which allows the OnePlus 6 to go from zero to 60% charge in just 35 minutes. Efficient as its charging is, OnePlus 6 is also battery consuming, which seems inevitable for smartphone users nowadays, especially when you watch a video or play games. As people are likely to prepare their phones with a portable charger, so should OnePlus 6 users.

How to choose a portable charger for OnePlus 6?

When choosing a portable charger, the first thing is to find out is the battery size and the charging specifications of your smartphone, you can find them printed on the battery and the charger on the box that accompanied with OnePlus 6. OnePlus 6 has a 3300mAh non-removable battery. Next, you need to choose a charger that at least has the same size of OnePlus 6, or else the phone will not be fully charged.

Thirdly, the output voltage of the power bank should be equal to or higher than that of your device. If you want to charge several phones at the same time, you’d better to find a charger that has more than one output port. Fourthly, to ensure the safety of your costly smartphone, you need to choose a charger that comes with a power-off backup in the event of a short-circuit.

Finally, we know that a bigger capacity always accompanied with a longer charging time, thereby, if you want to save on recharging time, you’d better choose a type-C charger. Generally speaking, they are three times faster than micro USB ports.

Based upon these factors, we have chosen several products that meet the above standards.

Zendure A1 3350mAh

Zendure A1 is the most portable one of our choices; it has a proper capacity as well—3350 mAh, which can charge OnePlus 6 nearly one time. With its weight goes at 2.4 Oz, you can easily put it in your pocket to take it anywhere. Its output speed is not outstanding, only 1A, yet due to its small capacity, you are free from long charging times. Zendure A1 also has a stylish design. It has a slim striped body and can be easily picked up with two fingers. This tiny portable charger is available in magenta.

Zendure A3TC 10,000mAh

Zendure A3TC is a durable product with a high capacity at 10,000mAh. Theoretically speaking, it can charge your OnePlus 6 nearly 3 times. Unlike many normal high capacity chargers which take a long time to completely fully charge, Zendure A3TC is designed with type-C output and input port, which shortens the recharging time greatly. Beside the effectiveness, it is a portable as well (6.8 oz); it is one of the most compact portable chargers of this capacity on the market. The colors available are silver, black and red.

Zendure A5 16,750 mAh

Zendure A5 is another outstanding product that is noted for its compactness---- almost the same size as the screen of iPhone 7. Due to this feature, it is approved and used by a number of airlines such as Titan Airways for their pilots to charge iPads. There are two output ports on the body, which allows you to charge an alternative device. Its input speed doesn’t drag off its general performance and goes at normal standard at 7.5W. The output speed may surpass some of the charger---10.5W. All in all, it is a good choice for traveling backup.

Zendure A6PD 20,100 mAh

Zendure A6PD is a both durable and effective product that goes with 20,100mAh battery capacity and supports USB-C output and input. The frame is covered with two output ports and one USB-C input, which allows you to charge two devices at the same time, such as your MacBook and OnePlus 6. There is one USB-A cable and USB-C cable in the box and a 45-day money back guarantee is ensured.

As life gets closer and closer to digital age, it is inevitable to use phones either for entertainment or work. To avoid the hassle caused by a dead battery, you are advised to choose a durable and portable charger for backup.

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