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Tech newcomer Zendure is now taking preorders for their flagship product, the durable A-Series External Battery, the company announced Monday.

The A-Series is a backup power source for smartphones, tablets and other USB-powered devices and is designed for travel, outdoor activities or as a crucial component to a home emergency kit. The team coordinated their product launch to coincide with the announcement of Apple's latest iPhone to take advantage of the resulting interest in compatible accessories. In their product video, Zendure founders Bryan Liu and Tom Haflinger run over an A-Series battery with a car while charging an iPhone.

In addition to its rugged exterior, the new battery boasts an energy-efficient design that packs a lot of charging potential into a small, lightweight device. The smallest battery in the family, the A3, weighs only 7.2 ounces (200g) and can charge an iPhone 5 almost five times on a single charge and can fit in a pocket.

"Our market research showed that people are routinely frustrated with batteries that don't perform up to their expectations," said Liu. "That's why energy efficiency was a major priority for us. The A-Series Battery was built to deliver the best possible experience for the user."

A big part of that experience is the look and feel of the product.

"Too many rugged electronic devices out there emphasize function over form," said Liu. "If the battery doesn't look good enough to take with you every day, you're not going to have it when you need it."

The team's research also indicated several features that most users want to see in an external battery. The A-Series has two USB output ports, auto-on functionality, and the ability to charge other devices while it is being charged. When not in use, the A-Series switches to a standby mode that only uses about 1% of the battery's charge each month.

Zendure has been engaging potential customers on their Facebook page for the past month, and the amount of buzz generated thus far suggests that their Kickstarter campaign will succeed.

"We held focus groups several months ago to get an idea of what people were looking for, so we were already pretty confident in our product," said Haflinger, "but to see all of these people on our Facebook page saying, 'Wow, I've gotta have this battery,' it's really encouraging."

Zendure is taking preorders on their Kickstarter page, with prices starting at $39 for its earliest adopters. The A3 has a charge capacity of 9,000 mAh, the A4 can hold 12,000 mAh, and the capacity of the A5 is 15,000 mAh. Their campaign will run from Monday, September 9 through Wednesday, October 9.

To order an A-Series battery, or to just watch the team run over one with a Volvo, visit their Kickstarter page:

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