What is Qualcomm Quick Charge?

Quick Charge is a technology designed by Qualcomm Incorporated, used in devices such as smartphones and computers to manage power delivered over USB.

Qualcomm Quick Charge Advantages

At its most simple level, Quick Charge (QC) allows for high levels of current to flow to the battery to maximize charging efficiency. This results in greater transmission power and a shorter charging time compared to standard USB power technology. Compared with conventional charging, you can refill the battery of enabled devices up to four times faster with a Quick Charge certified power adapter and any USB connector, including Type-C. Quick Charge can charge some devices up to 80 percent in just 35 minutes.

Compatible Zendure devices use the most advanced QC 3.0 chip, which allows for a fine tuned power output and a highly optimized charging cycle. QC 3.0 is able to dynamically adjust the charging voltage over the battery charging cycle, allowing for a wider selection of voltages. This new technology allows the device to request just enough voltage to reach the desired charge current, thereby maximizing efficiency.