What is USB Power Delivery?

USB Power Delivery (or PD, for short) is a charging technology. It's designed to be a more universal charging standard that allows a range of devices (not just smartphones) to charge quickly over a USB connection.

USB Power Delivery Advantages

The biggest advantage is that USB Power Delivery has increased standard power levels to up to 100W. This means your device will be able to charge much more quickly than before. USB Power Delivery will charge your device up to 70% faster than standard 5W charging and provide more power to quickly charge tablets and laptops.

Another benefit of USB PD is that the power direction is not fixed. This allows appropriate devices to either receive power, or deliver power to other devices, through the same connection. In the past, a phone could typically only receive power through its USB port. With Power Delivery, that same port could also be used to power a hard drive or other peripheral device.

In addition, Power Delivery will ensure your devices are not overcharged and will only provide the necessary amount of juice needed.