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Back in stock! SuperBase V4600 is Selling Fast!

The SuperBase Pro a power station for all kinds of Father’s Day adventures. Dads use more electrically powered devices than ever. From small handheld devices like smartphones, to larger handheld tools like a cordless drill, to larger appliances like running a griddle for a pancake breakfast. Here are five Father’s Day reasons, the SuperBase Pro is the ultimate gift for Dad, this Father’s Day.

Wherever Dad may go, the SuperBase Pro can follow along. The power station is designed to handle the most adventurous Dads. Outdoorsy Dads that like to fish and or hunt will enjoy the convivence the SuperBase Pro offers from powering campsite essentials like lights, to running higher demand electronics like refrigeration. The SuperBase Pro can run a mini refrigerator for 40 hours! If Dad has an RV or Camping Trailer the SuperBase Pro can completely replace Dad’s aging gas powered generator. And the SuperBase Pro can charge to 80% in one hour, ensuring Dad has plenty of power for his next adventure. Or purchase the optional solar panels for energy independence wherever Dad’s adventure may take him. The compact size and telescopic aluminum handle of the SuperBase Pro allows the power station to be conveniently stowed away while Dad is traveling through the backcountry. When Dad is ready to setup camp, the SuperBase Pro can be rolled into camp on the industrial-grade wheels using the telescopic handle. Make those outdoor adventures epic, gift Dad this year a SuperBase Pro.

Some Dads live life in the fast lane, and for those Dads that like to race or go off roading the SuperBase Pro is an amazing piece of gear for the Garage Dad or Workshop Dad. The SuperBase Pro’s 2,096Wh battery can almost endlessly provide power for power tools using the Six AC outputs. So, if your Dad finds himself at the racetrack paddock, far out in the desert dunes, or on a Jeep trail with a power station Dad will always have electricity on demand for those critical repairs. Dad can even run a welder using the SuperBase Pro because the power station can power devices that require up to 3,000W thanks to its patented AmpUp technology. And briefly, the SuperBase Pro can deliver up to 4,000W, for that extra “oomph” at weld strike or strat up. The SuperBase Pro has a nominal output power of 2,000W. Dad will have a wealth of options for his next car project due to the SuperBase Pro’s six AC outputs (four in the EU model), two 100W USB-C PD outputs, two 20W USB-C PD outputs, three 13.6V DC outputs, and a 12V “cigarette lighter” port. Keep Dad moving this Father’s Day with a SuperBase Pro.

Dads are more aware of their impact on the environment. From cutting the use of disposable plastics to switching to renewable energy, Dads are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and help improve the environment. Zendure offers Dad a cleaner future through sustainable energy like solar energy. Now, dad can get off the grid using the limitless supply of solar energy. Zendure offers a solar charging kit that includes everything Dad will need to get started, including solar panels. In direct sunlight, the SuperBase Pro can charge to 80% in about an hour. Also, by using solar energy to charge the SuperBase Pro, Dad can help plants trees with the SuperBase Pro’s companion app ZenForest. The app keeps track of Dad’s green energy use and carbon reduction. Zendure’s ZenForest is a virtual space within the app that flourishes as Dad collects more points. And as Dad’s ZenForest grows, real trees are planted around the world in his name. Also, Dad can use Zendure’s App to only have the SuperBase Pro charge during cheaper electrical rates or when green energy is available. Removing kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This Father’s Day help Dad retire fossil fuels from his life.

Dads have creative jobs and hobbies that require a power source. If your Dad films video for a living he will need power to run cinema lights, keep hard drives spinning, fully power computers, and topping off camera batteries. Also while on set it is important to keep noise to a minimum and the SuperBase Pro is practically whisper quiet. If Dad is more of photographer the SuperBase Pro can effortlessly supply power to fill lights, and strobes. Amazingly the SuperBase Pro can handle the current draw of multiple cinema lights, and more.  Creative jobs can take up a lot of Dad’s limited time. Help dad make the best of his creative time using the utility of the SuperBase Pro to run creative hardware like a telescope and or other creative gear. Using Zendure’s app, Dad can stay up to date on the SuperBase Pro’s status, and even track the location of the SuperBase Pro over 4G. Ensuring Dad won’t ever be without his SuperBase Pro. Does Dad like to play live music, well the SuperBase Pro is the perfect roadie for the Dad that plays live music gigs. The SuperBase Pro has all the right connections to run a whole live band’s backline of audio gear. Keep the concert rocking with the epic power of the SuperBase Pro. Whether Dad plays live music, watches the stars, or films a movie the SuperBase Pro is a creative Dad’s best friend.

The community Dad that volunteers for the little league fundraiser, the Dad that shows up early to setup the family picnic in the park with a bounce house, the SuperBase Pro has the power to electrify those events. The SuperBase Pro will assist Dad with making every family get together a memorable moment. Dad can power a bounce house, run an air fryer, and other appliances using the SuperBase Pro’s AmpUp Tech. The SuperBase Pro can power an electric skillet for 2.2 hours, a blender for 2 hours, and coffee maker for 78 cups of coffee, glup! The SuperBase Pro can handle power demands from a wide range of devices without browning out. Dad can use the deep power of the SuperBase Pro to power decorative Christmas lights to help illuminate the atmosphere while charging smart devices. And with the SuperBase Pro’s easy to read display Dad will clearly understand how much juice he has left under the current electrical load.

Gifting Dad a SuperBase Pro for Father’s Day just got easier. Zendure has a sale on the SuperBase Pro for

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