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SuperBase V Kickstarter Coupon


SuperBase V Kickstarter Coupon


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Coupon Policies:

Conditions of use:

  • Each person can only purchase and use one $50 For $500 coupon (cannot be combined with other offers or discounts), and the coupon can only be used to purchase Kickstarter rewards that contain SuperBase V main unit.

  • Refunds can only be used to purchase items on Zendure's official website.

Usage rules:

  • Within 14 days after the end of the project, the SuperBaser V project owner will send an email to all project backers to ask if they purchased a $50 For $500 coupon.

  • Backers who purchased the coupon need to promptly reply to the email with the backer ID, email address, and name + name on the Kickstarter platform for the SuperBase V project owner to make refunds on Kickstarter after the campaign ends.

Purchase rules:

  • The $50 For $500 coupons are only available for purchase during the pre-launch phase, before the official launch of SuperBase V on Kickstarter.

Use platform:

  • This coupon is only redeemable on Kickstarter.

Validity period:

  • The $50 For $500 coupon is only valid during the SuperBase V crowdfunding period, and it will be considered invalid and expired if it is not used after the SuperBase V crowdfunding campaign.