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Zendure will showcase some of its newest innovations during CES 2019 with an immersive exhibition at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The exhibition will take place from January 8-10, 10:00am to 8:30pm.

Visitors will see Zendure products used in real-world scenarios and will be able to test out the latest Zendure devices themselves. There will also be press events and product demonstrations.

Many previously unannounced products will be front and center at the event.

A8PD Pro is a 26,800mAh portable charger with two USB-C PD ports and up to 160W DC output.

SuperHub is a USB-C PD adapter and hub with built-in wireless charging capability.

Mix is a USB-C PD wall charger that doubles as a 5,000mAh power bank.

Q7 is a smartphone car mount and wireless charger.

A USB-C PD Car Charger will also be unveiled.

A Zendure greeter will meet guests at the sphere by the Venetian front desk to guide them to the exhibition. Light refreshments will be served, and charging stations will be available.

Attendees do not need to register for the event, however they are encouraged to fill out Zendure’s introductory form ahead of their visit:

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