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Zendure, a Palo Alto-based premium consumer tech brand, celebrated five years in Silicon Valley with a limited edition version of their popular X6 USB-C PD Power Bank and Hub. The limited edition portable charger features artwork created by Apexer, a San Francisco artist whose murals can be seen throughout the city and around the world.

imited edition version of their popular X6 USB-C PD Power Bank and Hub

To take a deeper look into the collaboration between Zendure and Apexer, OnePiece Work and the Silicon Valley Founders Club hosted a special edition OnePiece Talk. During the event, the panel discussed brand disruption and standing out in today's crowded market space.

On the panel were Bryan Liu, co-founder and CEO of Zendure, Apexer, San Francisco artist, and Shawn Flynn, TV Host and tech influencer, who all came together to share their stories and insights.

Learn more about the speakers and event organizers:

Bryan Liu, Co-founder & CEO of Zendure USA Inc.

Bryan Liu, Co-founder & CEO of Zendure USA Inc.

Zendure was founded in 2013 by Tom Haflinger and Bryan Liu. With distribution to over 50 countries, Zendure has a portfolio of innovative premium quality products, such as the A-Series Portable Chargers, the world's first crush-proof external batteries; Passport, the world's first travel adapter with auto-resetting fuse, and their latest product, SuperTank, a rockstar portable charger on Kickstarter that can power a phone for a whole week, and can be recharged super fast. Armed with his deep consumer insights and crowdfunding expertise, Bryan Liu is the lead designer for the brand’s products and architect for go-to-market strategy. Born in China, Bryan studied at Menlo College as an exchange student in 2003. Bryan lived and worked on three continents and traveled to more than 30 countries.

Apexer, San Francisco Artist

Apexer, San Francisco Artist

APEXER, a.k.a. Ricardo Richey is a local artist who creates colorful abstract patterns in his works. Part of the Gestalt Collective that engages in collaborative murals in San Francisco, Apexer curated mural projects on Bluxome Alley, other districts of San Francisco, and the SFMOMA display windows in association with St. Johns Community Center (San Francisco, 2002). His work has been shown extensively in the Bay Area and abroad. Recent group exhibitions include Calligraffiti: Writing in Contemporary Chinese and Latino Art, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA (2009); Bay Area Now 4, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco (2005), White Walls, and the Luggage Store Gallery. Apexer was the Artist in Residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts (2007) and has been featured in documentaries and publications on the Mission District in San Francisco.

Shawn Flynn, TV Host, Tech Influencer, Silicon Valley Successes

Shawn Flynn, TV Host, Tech Influencer, Silicon Valley Successes

Shawn Flynn is a TV host and Tech Influencer. He founded Silicon Valley Successes, a TV platform headquartered in Mountain View, to pick the minds of experts and entrepreneurs and give the world access to the knowledge and experiences of influential people in Silicon Valley. Shawn regularly works with incubators, accelerators, angel groups, VC’s, local governments, and institutions to promote economic growth. He has helped local and overseas companies from overseas set up operations in Silicon Valley. Shawn is passionate about building a bridge that connects Silicon Valley with the rest of the world.

Silicon Valley Founder Club

Silicon Valley Founders Club is a platform providing Bay Area startups and business professionals with opportunities to learn, share, and connect in the technology space of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Founded in June 2017 by Elaine Yin, a fashion tech influencer in San Francisco, the meetup group runs monthly events with a focus on the intersection of fashion, beauty, design, and technology. Since its establishment, SVFC has hosted more than 20 events with over 2,000 attendees in the Bay Area.

OnePiece Work San Francisco

OnePiece Work is a shared co-working space that connects global business professionals and leading entrepreneurs. They are a trend spotter – specializing in finding and connecting entrepreneurs who have a hunger for greatness and a desire for global expansion. OnePiece Work redefines workspace, serving global corporations, freelancers, and start-ups. OnePiece Work believes that with the rapid growth of a shared economy, the future workplace is no longer office buildings, homes, or cubicles, but rather a community where people with different backgrounds can inspire each other, innovate, and share ideas and resources. OnePiece Work combines businesses across industries, and provides a comfortable space to work and socialize. OnePiece Work invites anyone who is interested to become  a part of their exclusive network of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with a deep understanding of consumers' habits locally, and a shared desire for business growth.

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