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    • Versatile Portable Charger & Hub with 45W Power Delivery
    • 45W Power Delivery, fast-charge the latest USB-C laptops.
    • 20,100mAh capacity provides 4-7 charges for your phone.
    • USB Hub mode for dara transfer.
    • Currently shipping to the US only, 3-5 Days Delivery Time.

    Free global shipping above $99

    Warranty Enjoy 2 Years of Warranty for your device

    Product specification


    Q1. Can I bring my X6 to an international flight?

    A1. Yes. The capacity of X6 is 20,100mAh/74.37Wh which is under 100Wh.You can take X6 on a flight.

    Q2. Can I charge X6 with a solar charger?

    A2. Yes, you can, as long as the solar charger provides a 5V power supply via USB-C.

    Q3. What are the safety features of X6?

    A3. Right from the start, safety has been our top priority with the X6. The intelligent control unit inside X6 is capable of protection from over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-temperature and short-circuit.

    Q4. Does X6 support low power charging mode? And how to turn it on?

    A4. Yes, X6 supports low-power mode, such as smartwatches, Beats wireless earphones, Fitbit fitness bands, Raspberry PI.
    Press and hold the power button for 3 - 5 seconds will activate low-power mode to charge low power devices

    Q5. How to use the hub function of X6?

    A5. X6 comes with a USB Hub mode (compatible with USB 2.0) that provides data transfer functions over its 2 USB-A ports. When you connect the USB-C Hub port to the USB-C port of your compatible laptop, you can seamlessly charge your device as well as sync and manage your files with 2 USB-A ports.
    Double press the power button, and X6 will enter USB hub mode, displaying the "H" icon. Double press again to turn it off.

    Q6. Are the internal 18650 Li-ion batteries replaceable?

    A6. X6 is not designed to be taken apart, nor are its components designed to be removed, modified or replaced.

    Q7. Does X6 support pass through charging?

    A7. Yes, X6 even provides full-power output in pass-through mode and is not limited to the amount of input power provided. This allows you to charge X6 with a solar panel or dynamo while still getting maximum output performance.

    Q8. What is the meaning or significance of the flashing “X” and “H” on the X6?

    A8. If flash "X", it means it enables the X-charge mode which can charge low power devices. If it flashes "H", the Hub mode is activated.

    Q9. Can X6 charge my laptop?

    A9. Yes, it can, as long as your laptop has a USB-C charging port and uses USB Power Delivery (PD) protocol.

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