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    SuperPort 4

    • 100W Dual USB-C PD Desktop Charger
    • 100W Power Delivery, charge laptops at full speed.
    • Quickly Recharge SuperTank in 2 Hours.
    • Power four devices simultaneously.

    Free shipping above $99

    Warranty Enjoy 2 Years of Warranty for your device

    Product specification


    Q1. Is there an issue with the SuperPort4 if it only gives not enough 100W while connected to devices?

    A1. This is normal, different devices will have different power, this is determined by the notebook, or the phone, and there will be some deviation when using.

    Q2. What is the safe operating temperature of SuperPort4?

    A2. The temperature of the superport4 is defined as the ambient temperature of 25℃ + product temperature rise of 70 ℃-95 ℃ But we are worried about the impact of the user's experience, but also specifically for the SuperPort4 to reduce power, the temperature will be controlled at around 75 ℃ .

    Q3. If the SuperPort4 has an automatic Current/Voltage selection such that I can connect my laptop or other devices without being worried about my devices being fried?

    A3. Sure. The SuperPort4 can be plugged to AC 110-240V. And power output is communicated by devices and charger which will not lead to over current & voltage and fire.

    Q4. What cable do I need to support 100W output of SuperPort4?

    A4. It already comes with an AC power cord for it to function. If you need to use SuperPort to charge another 100W device from another company, you need a USB-C cable that supports 5A/100W cable.

    Q5. If I connect a device with low Voltage/Amperage rating to the USB-C ports , will it be damaged?

    A5. The power output is determined by the charging devices. Like if the iPad needs 5V/1A, the charger provides 5V/1A.

    Q6. Does the USB-C ports come at PD3.0?

    A6. Yes, the USB-C port is compatible PD 3.0 and 2.0 devices and the USB-A port is compatible QC 3.0 and 2.0 devices.

    Q7. If I use a USB-C port(1)and USB-A ports(3)and(4), but not USB-C port(2), what will the power distribution be?

    A7. Sure. Using USB-A ports will not affect USB-C 100W efficiency, only use two USB-C ports, USB-C(1 ) which will be down to under 60W.

    Q8. Why is something else plugged into the second usb-c port, it will no longer get 100w on the first?

    A8. Because when you connect other devices to SuperPort4 it will divide the 100W.

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