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What Do You Need for a Concert in 2018

Yes. Let me guess. You got some concert tickets for Christmas. Concerts are great, but most of us don't go to concerts too often and thus most of us don't know what we need for a concert. And you do need a few things for optimum experience.

A Plan

Unless you live in an area where the concert is, you need a plan. As if a show finishes slightly too late and buses don’t go to your area anymore, then you are in trouble.

But most concerts finish late even if they don't go overtime. And don't forget that you also need to walk out after a concert. That takes time too. 

If you know you might be in trouble, ask a friend that lives nearby if you can stay in his or her home. Otherwise, book a cheap hostel or hotel for the night. It’s better to do that than to have to overpay if you want to buy one after your concert.

A Portable Charger

Name a human being that goes to a concert and does not take pictures and videos at a concert. If you aren’t then you, probably don’t have a smartphone and don’t need one.

You want to use Snapchat. You want to use Instagram. You also want to take videos with the camera app. All of that takes a battery that your phone does not have.


Our Zendure A2 and A3 might be a great option for you when it comes to concerts. Zendure A2 should charge your iPhone 3 times and most of the Android phones 2 times. It’s perfect if you are looking for portability. 

Now, A3 comes with a bit more juice. A2 has 6,7000 mAh while A3 has 10,000 mAh meaning that you will be able to charge your phone about 4 times with it, or most Android phones 3 times. That should be more than you or your friend will need during one night.

If you fail to keep your phone alive, you might not be able to look at where you need to go. You might not be able to stay safe if you are in a dangerous situation. Phones are necessary.


The Right Clothing


Outside concert in winter? Don’t bring just a light jumper because it looks cool. A concert inside? Don’t bring something you will be too warm in and won’t be able to enjoy yourself.

A long journey to the concert? Don’t bring jeans that are too skinny because you will feel incredibly uncomfortable if you want to dance or such. Is it raining? Bring something good for the rain. Including boots.

You decide bring clothing without zippers? Your items might be stolen.

The right clothing is one of the things you need for a concert. Fail on it, and you concert experience might suffer.


You need a portable charger to stay safe. You need the right clothing to be comfortable. You need a plan to be able to sleep that night.

Written by Michael Smolski.