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Things Not to Do When Traveling

You always get tips on things that you should do when traveling, but what about the things that you should not do when traveling?

If you commit any of the things that will be mentioned, then you will be in trouble. It's better to prevent them than to deal with the consequences later on.

Don't Get Transport When You Know It Will Be a Struggle

Let’s give an example.

My bus from Milan to Lyon was at 7.30 AM, it required me to wake up at 5 AM, and I knew it would be a struggle. I woke up at 6 AM and missed that bus.

Now, that wasn’t the only factor that contributed to it, but it played a part. That one extra hour of time would have prevented the other problems from happening.

If you know you will have a problem waking up, consider getting transport at a later time. Otherwise, you might miss it, and that will cost you money, and even potentially your trip.

Don't Just Bring a Card

To get to that bus, a metro was needed. Now, Milan doesn’t have a metro that you can go through without a ticket.

You always need a ticket. I tried to get one. But my card didn't feel the same way. Since my card wouldn't work and I had no cash, I couldn't pay for the ticket. Especially since I was in a hurry to catch my bus which was leaving in 20 minutes at that point. I managed to go through somehow, but that delay contributed to me missing my bus.

Don't Forget to Organize Yourself

On the way to the metro, I realized that I will need a passport. I didn’t organize myself. I had to stop walking to the metro to find it in my already fully packed backpack. That slowed me down. I could have done it on a metro, but if I left it at home, I would have still made it on time to the metro if I went back, so I took that risk.

Make sure you have everything that you need beside you before you need it

And that’s not just it. Make sure you know where you have to go and when. I did not know that there were two different metro directions on the M1 metro in Milan. Both go the same way, but then they split. I took the wrong one, That further contributed to me missing my bus.

Don't Forget to Charge Your Device

You can't stay organized if your phone is not charged. If you store information about your trip there, and most importantly, if you store your tickets there, you will be in trouble.

And phones really do suck at keeping battery.  That’s why you should always have a portable charger with you. Some means of transport provide sockets. Most don’t, and not all of the ones that do, work.

Zendure provides choices that will suit all of your needs. The A1 and A2 are perfect for day trips while the likes of A5 and A8 QC are perfect for the longer trips that require more power.

And since longer trips often mean that your phone will be at a critical level many times, the Zendure A8 QC comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology for faster charging.

Do Not Dare to Leave Without Internet Data

It’s 2017. Soon to be 2018. Our phones are our maps, our safety, our transport, our tickets. Many of these involve the internet. And the internet in Europe is pretty cheap on phones now. You can actually use internet from your provided wherever you want while in the EU, provided your SIM card comes from the EU.


You need to take care of these things before you travel. These are absolute essentials.Travel will be hard if you don't take care of these.
Written by Michael Smolski.