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How to Survive a Night at the Airport

If you haven't been in a situation in which you have to spend a night at the airport, you probably will in the future. A recent blog post about saving money while traveling through Europe after August stated that choosing the right transport is essential. Flights are cheap in Europe. But indirect flights are even cheaper.

Flying through a non-popular destination to eventually reach your destination will save you a lot of money. It will also require you to wait. And that can be a problem. What are you meant to do for 11 hours at an airport? Are you going to look at airplanes all night? Are you? They don't even fly all night.

So how do you survive the night at the airport if that is the case?

Bring Comfortable Clothing

Skinny jeans might be what you love to wear but will they be a good choice if you choose to have a nap at the airport? 

When at the airport, it's often better to bring something more comfortable. That doesn't mean that you should bring baggy clothes. Slim-fit can be a good stylish but comfortable choice when at the airport. Wear pajamas if you desire. Nobody cares how you look at an airport when it's night time. You can always get changed later.

Shorts or skirts are often a good choice too when it comes to comfort, but be careful with that as airports can often be cold, but more on that in a second.

Have a Blanket or a Warm Jumper

"A jumper? WHAT? It's still warm! Why would I bring one?" 

If you ever stayed at an airport then you know about this already, airports tend to be cold. And that's fantastic. It's better to put clothing on than to take it off. But if you come in with just a t-shirt, you will find yourself to be cold.

Engage With People

Talking is the most powerful tool when it comes to staying awake. This happens because when you meet a stranger, you don't know anything about them. They also don't know anything about you. And that allows for a meaningful conversation that could go on all night compared to if you were talking with somebody that you see every day. There's more energy present. You are curious. And that energy keeps you awake.

Have a Portable Charger

Even if you talk to people, they might eventually have their own flight before you. A lot of other people could be sleeping too.

Okay, let’s be honest. Just about everyone uses their phones while at the airport. I mean if you are reading this blog post then you probably have a smartphone and used it today. The problem with using it at the airport while waiting for your next flight is that it might not last you until that next flight.

Zendure A2 is small and compact, it might not be able to charge your phone several times, but it will give you up to two extra charges while staying comfortable in your pocket.

Zendure A8 QC, on the other hand, is a beast that will last you the whole weekend or more. It comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0  so that you can charge your phone fast. And if you need to hook somebody up with some juice, it has four USB ports.

And speaking of chargers, you might want to have an adapter with you too, depending on where you are traveling of course. Zendure Passport has all the adapters you will ever need in one place. It’s also the first travel adapter that has an auto-resetting fuse. That means it will last longer than any other adapters with just one fuse.


Sometimes there’s nothing else that you can do. If you have nothing else to do or are tired, perhaps go to sleep. It isn’t so bad.

At night, airports are pretty clear. The seats can be comfortable too, depending on the airport of course. And if you are exhausted, they can become very comfortable.


Staying at an airport all night isn’t that bad if you do some of the things mentioned. And if you are saving a lot of money on it due to indirect flights, then that is even better

Written by Michael Smolski.