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Can You Bring Your Portable Charger on a Plane

There's a lot of uncertainty in the last few months when it comes to flying. Items that used to be allowed are starting to get banned and instead have to be checked-in. Items like tablets or laptops are not permitted when flying to the US or the UK from several countries now. This includes popular destinations such as Turkey.

That means that on these long flights, you will not be allowed to work with your laptops. But how about phones? They are allowed. On all flights actually. The question is will your battery last? Probably not. It never really does, does it? Especially not on long flights. Luckily, if you want to bring your portable charger on the plane, you can, but there are a few "ifs."

You Are Advised to Carry Batteries in Carry-On

Unless you are carrying car batteries or spare lithium batteries, all major battery types are allowed in your checked baggage but make sure to go to your airline's site as each airline has its own policies.

With that said, for safety, you are advised to bring your batteries in your carry-on. It's not a must, but if you are looking to use your charger, you will be doing that anyway.

There are a few misconceptions about this issue though, people believe that you can't bring any batteries with checked baggage but if that were the case, then all the flights with laptops not allowed in carry-on, would really suffer on customers.

Planes just like any means of transport can go on fire. Of course, it's harder to take a plane down than to destroy a car but your luggage? That can suffer. And if you don't have insurance, you won't get any money back. 

Your portable charger should not go on fire, but then again, even the biggest companies in the world make mistakes, like Samsung with their Note 7 that was catching fire a lot.

It's a lot easier to control and put out a fire if it happens inside a cabin than in a cargo hold. Especially considering that all liquids over 100ml  that could also be flammable would be stored in a cargo hold. 

Power Matters Though

The most important factor that decides whether you can bring your portable charger with you or not is the Wh that it is rated at. Wh stands for watt-hours and is a more accurate measure than MaH which doesn't always give an accurate representation of your batteries capacity. 

You are allowed a portable charger that's rated up to 100 watt-hours. Anything over that and you need permission from the airline. 

Certain companies manipulate labels to make it seem like they are giving you more charges than they actually are. Check out the ultimate guide to capacity to find out more in-depth about battery capacity  

How to Know How Much Watt Hours You Have

It's simple math. 

(mAh)/1000 x (V) = (Wh)

Choosing the Right Charger

When it comes to smaller chargers that are meant to keep your phone charged during your flight, the likes of the Zendure A2 don't need to be checked. These without a doubt are below capacity. In fact, even something bigger like the Zendure A5 with 16,750 mAh will not cause any problems at all. And that's a device that should last you a short weekend trip.

If you are looking for something that should last you half of your week, the Zendure A8 QC is a good choice that just barely makes it past these restrictions with 26,800 mAh.

It's rated at 3.7V and just barely makes the standard with being rated at 99.16 Wh which is just enough not to need approval from an airline.

That makes it an excellent travel companion as it a device that has the max that you can bring without any worry, and it comes with four USB ports so that you can help the two passengers sitting with you while charging two of your devices.

And all of that with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which means fast charging.

What If You Have Too Much Power?

If you have a power bank that's rated as 100.1-160 watt-hours, then you will need approval from an airline.


If you are flying, make sure to check out the blog post about how to survive a night at the airport, and yes, you will need a portable charger for that. Not every airport has sockets available for use yet.

When it comes to Zendure, you should not have any problems with your portable chargers, unless somebody decides to steal your one because it's that good-looking, that would be a problem then. 

 Written by Michael Smolski