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5 Reasons Why You Need a Portable Charger

Most people never get a portable charger because they don't see the need for it, and when they do, it's already too late.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a portable charger.

For Protection

If your phone dies and somebody was meant to contact you, what’s going to happen?

If you are being followed on the way back from a party and don’t have any battery left on your device then how will you call for help? You won't. Not having a charged phone might cost you your life.

Companies provide battery life statistics. But you get your phone. You get that statistic. You divide it by two and your phone battery still probably doesn't last that long.

Phones are getting slimmer. They are also getting more powerful. And power requires energy. The energy that phones don't have but portable chargers do. 

Now, whether you need a lot of energy or little will depend on what you need, but one thing is for sure, a portable charger can save your life. 

Zendure offers several sizes of portable chargers, so if you need a smaller charger that fits in a pocket, then you can get the A1 or A2. If you need a bigger charger, then you can get the  A8 QC or the A5. Need something in between these? Try the A3.

As Traveling Doesn't Guarantee Power

Go into a bus. See the sockets. Get excited. Until you see that they don’t work. Your device suddenly becomes a ticking bomb.  It's working, but it could stop at any moment.

Do you check for when your Airbnb is in your next location or do you save your battery?

That’s the thing about travel. You are not certain of anything. And that’s great. Unless it comes to electricity. A portable charger such as the Zendure A8 QC gives you comfort because you know that you have power on the go, regardless of wherever you go. And since you won’t be the only one sitting on a plane or a bus, you can help other people charge their devices with the A8 QC offering four USB ports.

For Freedom

Get a coffee. Go on a date. Watch a match and decide to grab a drink after. 90% of people panic about low battery. That means that most of us won’t enjoy ourselves when we do these tasks because our batteries are too low.

If we have our devices charged, we can do more things. We can worry less.

For Convenience

Long day? You decide to go to bed to watch that new episode of your TV show on your phone? You get into your bed. You turn on Netflix. You get a “15% left” kind of a message on your phone. You decide to plug your phone into a charger. Oh, wait. You can't because your cable is either too short or your sockets aren't beside your bed. So what do you do? Do you give up? Do you stop watching a show in the middle of it?

Short cable? Not enough sockets around your bed? Just connect to a portable charger while in your bed.

For Opportunities

If your phone dies and somebody was meant to contact you, what’s going to happen?

A potential client might contact you in the middle of the day. But you only have 10% left. What do you do?

Somebody reaches out to you on Instagram and wants to meet up, but you won't be able to see it, will you?


If you want to be safe, you need a portable charger. If you 're going to travel, you need a portable charger. It's that simple. Portable chargers make life easier.

Written by Michael Smolski.