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September 20, 2017

How to Survive a Night at the Airport

If you haven't been in a situation in which you have to spend a night at the airport, you probably will in the future. A recent blog post about saving money while traveling through Europe after August stated that choosing the right transport is essential. Flights are cheap in Europe. But indirect flights are even cheaper.

Flying through a non-popular destination to eventually reach your destination will save you a lot of money. It will also require you to wait. And that can be a problem. What are you meant to do for 11 hours at an airport? Are you going to look at airplanes all night? Are you? They don't even fly all night.

So how do you survive the night at the airport if that is the case?

Bring Comfortable Clothing

Skinny jeans might be what you love to wear but will they be a good choice if you choose to have a nap at the airport? 

When at the airport, it's often better to bring something more comfortable. That doesn't mean that you should bring baggy clothes. Slim-fit can be a good stylish but comfortable choice when at the airport. Wear pajamas if you desire. Nobody cares how you look at an airport when it's night time. You can always get changed later.

Shorts or skirts are often a good choice too when it comes to comfort, but be careful with that as airports can often be cold, but more on that in a second.

Have a Blanket or a Warm Jumper

"A jumper? WHAT? It's still warm! Why would I bring one?" 

If you ever stayed at an airport then you know about this already, airports tend to be cold. And that's fantastic. It's better to put clothing on than to take it off. But if you come in with just a t-shirt, you will find yourself to be cold.

Engage With People

Talking is the most powerful tool when it comes to staying awake. This happens because when you meet a stranger, you don't know anything about them. They also don't know anything about you. And that allows for a meaningful conversation that could go on all night compared to if you were talking with somebody that you see every day. There's more energy present. You are curious. And that energy keeps you awake.

Have a Portable Charger

Even if you talk to people, they might eventually have their own flight before you. A lot of other people could be sleeping too.

Okay, let’s be honest. Just about everyone uses their phones while at the airport. I mean if you are reading this blog post then you probably have a smartphone and used it today. The problem with using it at the airport while waiting for your next flight is that it might not last you until that next flight.

Zendure A2 is small and compact, it might not be able to charge your phone several times, but it will give you up to two extra charges while staying comfortable in your pocket.

Zendure A8 QC, on the other hand, is a beast that will last you the whole weekend or more. It comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0  so that you can charge your phone fast. And if you need to hook somebody up with some juice, it has four USB ports.

And speaking of chargers, you might want to have an adapter with you too, depending on where you are traveling of course. Zendure Passport has all the adapters you will ever need in one place. It’s also the first travel adapter that has an auto-resetting fuse. That means it will last longer than any other adapters with just one fuse.


Sometimes there’s nothing else that you can do. If you have nothing else to do or are tired, perhaps go to sleep. It isn’t so bad.

At night, airports are pretty clear. The seats can be comfortable too, depending on the airport of course. And if you are exhausted, they can become very comfortable.


Staying at an airport all night isn’t that bad if you do some of the things mentioned. And if you are saving a lot of money on it due to indirect flights, then that is even better.

 Written by Michael Smolski


September 11, 2017

What Type of Portable Charger Is the Best for You - What to Know Before Buying

Bigger is always better. Actually, not really.

It's only better if it fits your needs. A smaller portable charger might be better for you. It might also not be what you need at all. The question is, what are your needs? 

Automatically, you would assume that the portable charger with the biggest capacity is better. Mostly wrong. You will learn in this blog that capacity isn't actually the most important thing. Most companies provide big numbers but don't deliver on performance.

The Benefits of a Smaller Portable Charger

Wake up. Decide that you are going on a short trip. You are not taking your car, so you can't store your items anywhere. You don't have any backpacks with you either. What now? 

A smaller portable charger such as the Zendure A1 or A2 won't charge your phone many times during the day, but it will give you that one or two extra charges. And it will do so while keeping you comfortable. 

And that's the big advantage of smaller portable chargers. They are simply more comfortable. You need to be able to put your charger into your pocket on short trips, and smaller portable chargers allow for that. 

They are not great when it comes to keeping your device charged for several days, but they are a great short-term solution if you need comfort. 

The Benefits of a Bigger Portable Charger

Wake up again. Decide that you want to take a weekend trip with your car or with luggage. You now have the space to carry your bigger portable charger that wouldn't fit into your pocket as easily otherwise. That's when bigger portable chargers such as the Zendure A8 QC are a better choice. 

With the A8 QC for instance, you can charge your phone several times. It means that you can go without seeing an electrical plug for many days. And since it's bigger, it also has more USB slots meaning that your friends can charge their devices too. It also comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

But bigger is only better if you have the space to carry a bigger charger. If you don't, then bigger is not better because it's not convenient. It's definitely not needed if you are not going to be gone for long. You need to choose based on whether you need lots of power or whether you need convenience.

Now that you know about what type of charger will suit you best, there's now also some other stuff that you need to know about.

4000 mAh Is Not Always Actually 4000 mAh

What you see isn't always what you get.

Just because a portable charger states that it has 4000 mAh doesn't mean that 4000 mAh will go into your phone. Companies love providing big numbers. These numbers usually aren't the reality. That's why when you see portable chargers with incredible mAh at an even more incredible price, you might end up thinking it's not working right as it isn't charging your phone as many times as you thought it would. 

You can read about this more in detail in a post about battery capacity, but if we were to break it down into the simplest form possible, most chargers are rated at 3.7 volts while the devices that they power require 5 volts.

That means that the actual number of mAh that will go end up in your phone might be significantly smaller than you expect. You need to be careful when it comes to this especially when it comes to smaller portable chargers as otherwise, a charger with 3000 mAh can turn into a charger that won't actually charge your phone fully.

Written by Michael Smolski.

August 25, 2017

How to Save Money While Traveling Across Europe After August

Summer is almost over. That means fewer tourists. That also means that everything is cheaper. That makes Europe even more appealing than it already is. And the temperatures from September to November are quite good for exploring. You won't be sweating from sitting.  

But even with Europe being cheaper, it still costs. Does that mean that you shouldn't travel through Europe? Why not simply use a few tricks.

Choose the Right Transport

Europe is slightly bizarre in some cases. Flying is often cheaper than taking a train and even a bus sometimes.

Ryanair is a company that really revolutionized cheap travel through Europe. On a good day, a flight from London to most cities in Poland is only around €30. A bus from London Stanstead to Stratford costs 12. That's a 29-mile journey. That makes a 30 flight look impressive.

So when you are traveling through different Europen countries and think that taking a bus or a train might be a cheaper option, check Ryanair or some other Europen airline. 

And flying is often cheaper than taking a car across countries too. You pay for fuel or gas, depending on what term you use, but you also pay motorway tolls.

Have the Right Adapter

How does that even save you money? Simply because it prevents you from spending money.

If you are traveling through Europe, you probably need an adapter. Sockets vary across the world. Spending of money starts when you start your journey in the US but decide to go to Germany after going to Ireland or the UK, that requires 3 different plugs.

Adapters take space. So do chargers. The more chargers that you have, the more adapters that you need. And that costs. Unless you have all the plugs in one device. Zendure Passport is a global travel adapter that works almost everywhere in the world. And were you still worried about your chargers? There are 4 USB ports there. So forget the chargers and simply bring some cables.

Do you know what a fuse is? It is a resistor that protects you and your devices from a current overload. And that happens a lot in different countries as electricity flows differently across the world. Whenever there is too much current flowing in, a fuse will blow. Most adapters only have one fuse. Zendure Passport, on the other hand, has a patent pending auto-resetting fuse that will last for up to 10,000 reset cycles.

And if your fuses are not breaking then you don't have to constantly spend money on new adapters.

Be Flexible

If you really want to save money, you need to be flexible. You need to be prepared not to fly on the day you wanted to fly on. That's the key to saving money. Prices differ every day, especially when it comes to flights. One day they can cost a certain price while the next day they could be 50% cheaper. If you are flexible with your flights, you will save a lot of money.

But the best thing? If you are flying in Europe and your flight gets delayed by 3 hours, you automatically have a right to a compensation of up to 600. And that money can go towards many flights.


We all love trips. We all also love spending less money when we can. And if you are smart about travel then you can actually save a lot of money. 

If you are a student and are looking to have a good time, check out the blog post about what you need as a student. And try to fit in travel when you can. It always makes student life better.

Written by Michael Smolski









August 21, 2017

What Do You Need to Have a Good Time as a Student

It’s almost that time again. Some just got their results and found out that they got into college. Some got into a university. Some are starting their last year.

But regardless of who and where we are, we all want to have a good time in college. So what do you need to have a good time?

Student Card at All Times

The biggest problem that students face is not having enough money. Not everyone is lucky enough to afford to pay tuition fees. Most students will be in debt when they finish.

But that doesn’t mean that you should not go out on a date with somebody. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a coffee in the morning. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t travel.

“Money won’t buy you happiness.” That’s true. But money will make it easier to do things that will bring you happiness. And when you are a student, you might not have a lot of money, but you can spend a lot less if you are smart about how you spend.

As a student, you have a major advantage. You have a student card that gives you discounts. Travel is always cheaper. Clothing is also more affordable depending on where you shop. If you are smart and inquire or ask about student discounts, you can save a lot of money.

Sites like ASOS provide 10% discounts for students. Shopping with Amazon is always cheaper with a student card too. 

If you are a student, a student card will make your life cheaper. And sometimes it's simply about saving rather than having a lot.


While sex statistics differ across countries, a survey done by University College Cork shows that 46% of students had unprotected sex. 10% of the students surveyed stated that they contracted a sexually transmitted infection.  

This shows that condoms are very important in your student life. They can save your life and eliminate a lot of problems that you might have in the future. Certain colleges and universities give condoms away without any cost.

Portable Chargers

Go to a party. Go to a friends house. Notice that your phone is out of battery. How will you get home?  Not everyone has several chargers. Some people barely have a charger that even works. They have to twist the cables to get them to work. And then again, even if they do have a cable, it could not support your phone.

Zendure A8 QC might be useful if you are going somewhere. And as a student, you never really know what is going to happen. 

You might meet someone, and they might change your plans. It comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, so you won't have to charge your phone for too long. And since as a student, you are more likely to be social, it comes with four USB ports. 

If you are looking to have fun as a student, you will probably need a charger. Phones are everything today. They are our means of transport. They are our cameras. They are our form of communication. They are our planners and calendars.


Technology rocks. Having your phone rocks. Phones are fantastic when you need an Uber or are lost. But you also need to make connections. Without connections, your college life will be terrible. 

So whether you ask someone about where they are going to at a bus stop, or you attend a football game and start talking to somebody, it doesn't matter. You need to go out and talk to people. Stop calling people when you are alone. Start talking to people around you.


You need a bit of everything in order to have a great time as a student. But at the end of the day, it's the friendships that you build that will decide whether you have a good or bad time in college or university. 

So go out and make some friends!

 Written by Michael Smolski.


August 16, 2017

Back to School Essentials for Tech Lovers

Get your pencils. Get your crayons. You need that. But we all know that.

What if you are a tech lover and being basic is not sufficient for you?

Bluetooth Earphones

Sometimes teachers don’t turn up to class. You could be sitting there for an hour or two without doing anything. Not everyone wants to study while waiting. Not everyone needs to. Bluetooth earphones are fantastic when it comes to listening to music or perhaps watching your favorite podcast while staying discreet.

What if you want to revise some notes? Listening is easier than reading.

And you never know what kind of students are looking at you. Bluetooth earphones are more discreet than traditional earphones with cables.

Portable Charger

While it’s probably not a good idea to have your phone out in class, you might need it when you are not in class. 

You might need it after school. Phones can sometimes lose battery even when you are not using them. A portable charger will make sure you won’t be out of battery when you leave school.  

And if you are looking for something that will charge your phone fast, Zendure A8 QC will charge your phone fast with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. And if you need to charge your earphones too, there are four USB ports present. You can even charge your friends phone. 


When it comes to doing projects, best projects are done on a computer. And that’s whether they end up being printed or written.

That’s because when you write on a computer or even your phone, you can edit easily. What you write on paper stays on paper, unless you decide to re-write something completely. But even then, if you find that you want to change something again, you need to re-write it again. 

Having a laptop or a computer can improve the quality of your work. 

And yes, computers might not be allowed in school but if you ask a teacher and explain how it benefits, they will more likely allow you to use one. And if not, you can always work on a project at home.

A laptop is definitely one of the back to school essentials for tech lovers.


Look into your pocket. Find a broken cable. It happens. It happens a lot. Without a working cable, you can't charge your device. You can't even transfer any content. 

And even if you have a working cable, you might want to have a spare one so that your friend can charge their phone too. Being somebody with a cable is the equivalent of somebody with a ball when it comes to being out of battery on your phone. 

That's why you need to have a few cables. And if you have an iPhone, Zendure Lighting Cables have gone through bending and have been flexed thousands of times in order to make sure that they will not break easily.

A Backpack With a Lock

If you are carrying technology in school, you want to protect it. Lockers are great, but they can also be opened.

Backpacks can be opened even easier. It's not hard to unzip a backpack.

So what? Is that it? Should you not bring your technology to school because somebody might steal it? No. Bring it but have a lock on your backpack. And a lot more backpacks are coming with lockers recently. It’s one of those back to school essentials for tech lovers. You don't want your technology to get stolen.

And it doesn’t just prevent theft. Do you remember seeing students unzipping backpacks just to flip them upside down? They can’t do that if they can’t open your backpack.


Not everyone needs this stuff. At the end of the day, it’s about having everything you need to learn to your full potential. 

These things will simply make your life easier. They won’t necessarily make you better. But these are some of the most important back to school essentials for tech lovers.

Written by Michael Smolski 

August 08, 2017

Premier League Essentials - 2017/2018

Premier league is approaching. You might be going to the first game of the season. You might be going to the last game of the season. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are going to a Premier League match and that you are prepared. 

What Premier League Essentials do you need? And we are not talking about jerseys as every fan needs a jersey. 

This post will help you get prepared.

Right Tickets

Most people buy tickets without any research out of fear that they will be sold out before they can research.

If you really want to enjoy a match, you need to research. A bad seat can ruin your experience. And we are not talking about comfort but about the ability to see and the people around you. If you don't want to support but simply want to sit then getting a seat in a sector with the best fans is a bad idea. 

And make sure you get a seat in a location that will be safe. Especially if it's an away game. You don't want to be in the wrong sector. Research matters.

Portable Charger

It's 2017. We love taking pictures. Whether or Snapchat or Instagram. We just love pictures. And we also love videos. We simply love documenting. The problem with documenting is that matches last 90 minutes or more. It's hard to tell when something interesting will happen in a match which is why many of us simply have their phones ready at all times. 

But our phones often cannot handle 90 minutes of constant usage. You need a portable charger for a match. It's the same when you are attending a conference.

Zendure A8 QC will charge your phone at a quick pace with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. It holds way more power than you will need for a match which is why it has four USB ports. So that your friends can charge their phones too. 

Fantasy Premier League

This is an essential for every fan of football. It's especially an essential for football fans that don't have a favourite team. Fantasy Premier League adds more excitement as it makes you support somebody. You want somebody to score. You want them to play well. You have a budget. You select a squad.

How does it work? You have a budget. You select a squad. Your players get points based on their actual performance in real games. You can then win prizes if your team performs well. And if you can even make custom leagues and compete with the teams of your friends.

Correct Planning

We all have certain obligations. Whether work or minding our children. You need to work around your obstacles before they are big problems. Don't just decide you are going to go a game a day before it's on only to realize that you are working on a Saturday and can't. 

Make sure to plan long before. By doing so, you eliminate certain problems such as work schedule. You also make your trip cheap if you have to get a hotel for instance.


At the end of the day, you don't need a phone. You don't always need to document everything. You do however want to stay safe. And using your phone before a match also takes your battery. And a phone that's out of battery won't let you get in contact with people. And that's a big problem when it comes to your safety.

You do certainly need the right tickets for an optimal experience, and you need to plan correctly to keep that optimal experience. Otherwise, you might find yourself stressing.

So start planning now. 

Written by Michael Smolski


August 02, 2017

What Do You Need as a Photographer Attending a Conference for the First Time

Is it your first time attending a conference as a photographer? We all know that you need a camera and that you need to bring a few lenses but other than that? What else do you need?

ID Card

You finally got that email that says that you got a media pass to an event you wanted to attend. Great. Forget about going if you don't have any ID with you. 

While you don't need any ID for most events if you are attending as a spectator, it's completely different when it comes to media passes. And that's essentialy what you are getting whether you are a journalist or a photographer. Although the exact names sometimes differ for these passes.

It’s a safety precaution to make sure that you are who you say you are since people with a media pass tend to have special access to otherwise forbidden areas. 

Without an ID, you might be refused entry.

Waterproof Backpack

The last post related to festival essentials stated that a waterproof backpack is one of those essentials that you won't use but simply keep in your tent.

When it comes to taking pictures, you absolutely need a waterproof backpack at all times. If you are a photographer, it's an absolute essential.

Camera equipment can be ridiculously expensive. You don’t want somebody to step on a lens that you left beside you. You don’t want somebody to spill their drink on it. 

A waterproof backpack will keep your equipment safe. A backpack by itself will also protect your equipment from easy theft.

Spare Batteries

People complain about battery life in smartphones. Unfortunately, they tend to be even worse in cameras. There's nothing worse than attending an event to realize that you cannot take any pictures because you are out of battery.

You will need to buy several batteries in advance. One battery is never enough.

But while most high-end cameras don't support charging through USB, Zendure A8 QC will keep your phone charged for several days.

And that matters as sometimes you won't have a laptop at your hand and therefore won't be able to upload or even edit your images which might mean that you will need to use your phone to do so. 

And that brings us to the next point.


When you are at an event, speed matters. If you want your images to matter, you don’t only need to take great pictures, but you also need to publish them fast. That means that you need a device that’s fast and portable. 

A laptop for instance. You need to be able to edit images without a problem.

Bring a phone if you don't have a laptop. In today's world, phones are really fast. They are also small. That means that you won't see all the details all at once.

They also don't last too long which is why the Zendure A8 QC might be very useful for you with its ability to charge phones from about 7 to 9 times. And at a fast speed with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.


If you are traveling to a different country, it will be difficult for you to get around without having a right adapter. If you can't charge your batteries then how will you take pictures?

The Zendure Passport travel adapter has plugs for all of the different sockets in the world. That means that you can travel with just one adapter. And it has an auto-resetting fuse that won’t fail you. Something that is common with fuses in adapters.

Business Cards

Every event that you attend is a chance for you to shine in terms of pictures but also when it comes to getting potential clients by networking with people. 

As a photographer, you certainly need business cards.

If you are looking to get clients, there’s no better way to do it than by networking with people around you rather than on the internet. And a good way to finishing networking is by leaving a business card.


When you get a special pass to an event whether by being a photographer or a journalist, you get many perks. You get to explore more than an average spectator.

You probably even get access to VIP bathrooms along with some free food.  But you also need to know what you need. And this post covered it.

Written by Michael Smolski.

July 21, 2017

How to Survive a Festival in 2017 - Festival Essentials

We all know that you need a tent and a ticket. We all know that you need food. There's no need to mention that. But what festival essentials do you need to survive a festival? In 2017?

Hand Sanitizer

This is the most important essential if you care about your health.

At a festival, you are exposed to all kinds of different people. Not all of them take care of their bodies.

Bathrooms aren't in the best condition either. Especially at big festivals. Water isn't available widely.

A hand sanitizer will clean your hands without you needing to use water. It's one of the absolute festival essentials.

Portable Charger

We send snaps on Snapchat. We take videos of artists. We capture great moments. But it’s 2017. Our phones are getting slimmer. They are also getting better. Better and slimmer probably means that your phone won’t last a full day.

Zendure A8 QC will charge your phone 7 to 9 times. In many cases, that should last you the whole weekend.

But perhaps you might not want to carry a portable charger with you at a festival. Festival clothing doesn't tend to have a lot of pockets. That's why the A8 QC is equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. With it, you will be able to charge your phone faster than ever before.

And festivals are social events. Your friends are going to be there with you. And that’s why the A8 QC has four USB ports, and that makes it one of the festival essentials and a must to survive a festival in 2017.

You will be using your devices. Stay with power.

A recent post about what you should look for when traveling abroad also mentions portable chargers.

Spare Cables

Your friends probably didn't bring any cables because they didn't know that you were going to have a charger unless they also read this post.

If you want to be considered a hero, bring some spare cables. It could bring you many benefits.

But cables tend to break. Somebody could stand on your cable. They sometimes just stop working. And a portable charger is of no use to you if you can't charge it. 

Zendure cables have been tested thousands of times to make sure that they last. And they come with an 18-month warranty.


Did you ever just meet someone but felt like you knew them forever? That sometimes happens.

Meet a girl. Meet a boy. Notice your similarities. Decide you like each other. Condoms are essential for your safety. It's simple. People know about them. They still forget them. If you are under the influence of alcohol, that can have long term problems.

Waterproof Backpack

You might not find a backpack useful as it will probably be in your tent at all times but it will keep useful items workin

You definitely don't want to see your electronics damaged because somebody spilled their drink on them. You definitely don't want to see a stain on your favorite jumper.

And that happens a lot. If you want to keep your belongings safe, get a waterproof backpack that will protect them. And if it's shockproof then that is even better.


While most of the festival community consists of people that are fun, there’s always someone that tries to ruin the fun when you are celebrating music. Make sure you have someone watching over your tent or some lock to protect your tent or the valuables inside of it.

Spare Clothes

We get it. You want to wear your fancy denim jacket for the next three days. But what if a drink is spilled on it when you are wearing it. What if ketchup falls on it.

Are you going to be wearing a dirty jacket? I wouldn't say so. Bring spare clothes because you never know what will happen.

Ear Plugs

Imagine you have a headache. All that music. Imagine trying to sleep with it. Ear plugs are one of those festival essentials that nobody ever brings. But yet a vital one.


A headache will be less likely to happen if you keep hydrated. So many people forget to do that. We remember about food, but we skip water. Dancing is also exercise. It dehydrates your body.

It's a good idea to bring your own water as water at festivals is expensive.  If you can, bring a little fridge too. So that you can keep your water cool.

Conclusion - Is That All of the Festival Essentials That You Need to Survive a Festival?

No. Everybody has their own needs. If you are planning to do a BBQ, you need to bring a grill. But these items are universal things that pretty much everyone will find useful.

These are not all of the festival essentials. But they will make your festival easier. If you want to survive a festival, make sure you have these.

Written by Michael Smolski

July 15, 2017

What Should You Check for When Traveling Abroad?

Traveling has many great perks but it also has many little problems that can be very problematic if you are not aware of them.

People always mention the good about trips, but you cannot enjoy yourself if you don’t check for a few things when traveling abroad. And this post covers these.

Can You Drive?

Traveling is great. But is it really that great if you have no means of transport? Cabs can be expensive. Uber doesn’t work in every city. A train won’t get you to a precise location. A car? That might be a solution, but it depends on who you are.

When traveling abroad, one of the things you should really look out for is if you can drive because if you really want to go somewhere and don’t have a big budget, it will be hard to do so without a car.

In Europe, you can get away with having a European license. In the US, in certain states, you can get away with a license of your own country if you have an international driving permit.

This is all about safety. Ireland and the UK have a road facing in an opposite direction as an example. And drivers can struggle with that.

Bringing your car isn’t always an option. Long trips aren’t too comfortable, so your car might not always be the best choice.

So should you rent a car?

Perhaps, if you can.

You might be a great driver but if you are too young, then you won’t able to rent a car. In Poland, while the legal age is 18, you still have to be 21 to rent a car. And that comes with an extra fee for being young. Watch out for that.

Make sure your license will be valid in the country you are going to and that you can rent a car. Otherwise, you might have a big problem.

Socket Types

Arrive at your destination. Unpack. Take out your camera, phone, earphones, and your tablet. Realize that you cannot charge any of them because all of your plugs differ. What are you going to do now?

You need an adapter. Depending on your location, it might not be easy to get. And adapters are like chargers. A bad one will work but will eventually also break.

There are four different socket types in the world. If you are going from the US to Ireland followed by Germany, that’s three different sockets. That’s a lot of space and extra money.

They take up space. They aren't easy to find in shops. They often break because there are more amps coming in than the fuse can handle.

Zendure Passport adapter is like a passport. It works all around the world, and it has an auto-resetting fuse. But we are living in 2017. It’s not enough to have a socket. That’s why there are 4 USB ports present. To make sure that you can charge everything that you need to charge.

And if your device doesn’t have the greatest battery life but needs to last you a day while you travel, then use a portable charger. Zendure A8 QC will let you charge your phone 7 to 9 times. And it charges fast thanks to Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

Fees and Whether Cards Are Accepted When Traveling Abroad

Not every country is pushing towards debit or credit cards. Certain places like to use the traditional method. And that’s why you should make sure to bring money with you.

Using cards abroad also brings fees. Banks need to make money, and one of the best ways to do it is by putting fees on people when they are traveling abroad. You need to be aware of that or the next time you try to pay then you might be out of funds.


Alcohol isn't legal to drink in public places in every country. Crossing the road isn't legal if there are no crossing paths in certain countries. You can get fined because of that in Poland. Some countries don’t allow alcohol at all.

And while certain countries might look similar at times, rules differ. When traveling abroad, you need to watch out. Especially in strict countries.


Transportation matters. You won’t get anywhere without it. Power is just as important in today’s era of electronics. Make sure you have an adapter that works everywhere and has everything that you need. Be aware of the fees. And most importantly, make sure you follow the rules.

Written by Michael Smolski

March 20, 2017

My Totally Unbiased Opinion on Durable Power Banks

Do you like to go camping in the spring, but you don't want to have to do without your electronics while you're roughing it? Zendure external batteries will be your new best friend.

They come in a tough and sleek ABS/Polycarbonate case, so you don't have to worry about damage while you rock climb, wrestle with bears, or go on long hikes in the wild. It's compatible with all your devices: phones, e-readers, your new Nintendo Switch that you can't put down. Essentially anything with a USB port. Zendure was developed by popular demand from a Kickstarter campaign and made to be just what people wanted in an external battery. Durability, sleek design, efficiency, and great value. Not all batteries are created equal. You don't have to sacrifice style to have a tough product, and we believe in listening to what people really want. That's why we have thousands of fans who stand by our products.

Sometimes you just absolutely need something that simply works, with no doubt in your mind. When you are expecting an important phone call, need to use GPS on your phone, are bored at the DMV and want to play games on your phone, the last thing you want to see is a red battery symbol on your screen. When you don't have access to an outlet, battery anxiety can ruin your day. Stop worrying about your devices being charged. Future camping you will thank you, and so will future airplane you, and road trip you. Never have to play the, "How long will my phone's battery last?" game again. Rest easy with Zendure.