Reviews: Zendure SuperTank Pro

SuperTank Pro




➕ Four USB-C ports

➕ Continuous 100W charge

➕ Unique OLED display

➖ A little expensive



It's hard to get too excited aboout portable battery packs -- as long as devices receive the power they need, it's all good. That is, until you happen across a charger that's clearly head and shoulders above the rest.

The SuperTank Pro is an impressive mobile power station from Zendure that puts its competitors to shame. Providing a whopping 26,800 mAh of power from four USB-C ports, there's enough juice inside - provided by the same high - density cells used in electric vehicles - to top up and 11-inch iPad Pro twice, or keep your iPhone 11 charged up for an entire week.

This pocket-friendly wonder housed in aluminum alloy is also capable of continuous 100W (technically 96.48 watt-hours) input or output on the first two USB-C ports, with up to 18W output for less power- hungry devices on the remaining pair. The SuperTank Pro supports fast charging, ready to go with a full charge in about an hour and 45 minutes when combined with the company's latest SuperPort S4 charger ($99.99) and braided SuperCord 100W USB-C to USB-C Cable (34.99).

The most remarkable aspect of the SuperTank Pro is its built-in OLED screen, which displays how much power is being used on each port. With a total output of 138W, the unit automatically distributes power based on the capacity of what's connected, rather than shortchanging larger devices. While charging the SuperTank Pro's internal batteries, you'll even see how long remians until full charge - a unique and time-saving feature.

THE BUTTON LINE. Expensive, but a cut above other portbale battery packs, with lots of juice for your deivces. 


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