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September 04, 2015

Part of great suite of rugged items.

My husband bought this plus the solar charger plus the portable battery to take on two week scouting trip to Philmont in New Mexico (Tooth of Time, etc). He was very happily wig function, durability, amount of charge, and most importantly, weight. They had 40-50lb backpacks so every ounce counted. He was not sorry he brought these along to keep his phone available for photos, and then posting at the end of the trip.
September 02, 2015

Android saver

Second chance for my nexus 4
August 30, 2015

Five stars

Love it to keep my IPhone 6 plus fully charged all day
August 28, 2015

Best charger I've owned

Great service, speedy delivery. This product feels solid. I've been able to charge my phone multiple times on a single charge. Used it to power a USB video dongle and it still had plenty of juice the next day. A different portable charger I've used previously would always be drained the following day. I highly recommend this one. I also love the pass-through charging, an important feature that is hard to find.
August 27, 2015

Four Stars

August 27, 2015

sleek & beautiful design, and charges my phone really quick

Portable (pocket size), sleek & beautiful design, and charges my phone really quick. Recommended!
August 26, 2015

Amazing product!

Amazing product!!! Last a very long time. For an example... i charged it 75% and took it with me on a trip to Atlantic City. It is a 2 hour trip from where i depart. This thing charged my phone, my wife phone, and didn't lose a bar. It finally went to 2 bars the day before i was leaving. I charged it fully for the trip back and again it charged me and my wife's phone and didnt lose a bar. I highly recommend this product to anyone who travels alot or just want something to charge their devices and not die so fast. Look no further people this is it!!! Thank you Zendure!! Oh, and Im not paid by zendure nor do i have any affiliations with zendure other than im a paid customer and i love their product. :) Did i mention super durable?? LOL
August 23, 2015

Just spent 12 days in the Southern Africa Bush. ...

Just spent 12 days in the Southern Africa Bush. It charged my iPad from 10% to 100%. It also charged my Lumix point and shoot and have yet to try it on my DSLR battery. Recharged itself overnight when I found my way to a hotel.
August 20, 2015

Five Stars

August 19, 2015

Perfect Rugged battery for a on the go lifestyle.

I purchased The A5 battery during the initial Kickstarter because the battery was an interesting product. I have used it for a year now an dlove it, it holds a charge tremendously well, charges my phone and other devices quickly. I never have to worry about never being without power. the battery is big enough to keep you charged for a week but small enough that you can drop it in a purse or book bag without any issue.