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Posted by Zendure Team

Zendure has re-released their SuperCord line of extremely durable USB cables on Indiegogo InDemand, and they have added a new option: USB-C to Lightning.

SuperCord cables are designed to be extremely durable, featuring a mixture of highly resilient materials inside and around each cable. This construction lends the product enough durability to withstand an industry-leading 50,000-cycle bend test. The connectors themselves are made with stainless steel for long-term usability and corrosion resistance.

The newest model, a USB-C to Lightning cable, is MFi certified and sets a new standard for quality in one of the most popular cable types on the market. SuperCord cables can deliver up to 3A of current and are compatible with the latest USB fast-charging technology.

SuperCord USB cables feature a lifetime warranty. The USB-A to Lightning cable and the new USB-C to Lightning cable each come in black, red, or gray and feature an integrated leather strap for organization and storage.

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