Power Up Your Father’s Day Plans with a Zendure Power Bank or Adapter

Power Up Your Father’s Day Plans with a Zendure Power Bank or Adapter

Spending time with Dad this Father’s Day? Whether you’re hitting the road, the trail, or local spots around town, Zendure’s got the perfect power companion for all your devices.

Hiking/Camping: SuperMini and SuperMini X3

An adventure in the great outdoors requires careful preparation. And these days, part of that preparation is making sure all your essentials stay charged, even when you’re far away from a wall outlet. Zendure’s SuperMini and SuperMini X3 are 30% smaller than traditional power banks with the same capacity, so they’re easy to slip into a backpack or cargo pocket. (Peak dad fashion, right?) SuperMini can recharge an iPhone 13 two and a half times, you can stay connected to friends and family while double-checking your path on your phone’s GPS. If you need a little more capacity, SuperMini X3 can’t miss. Handles iPhone, Android, MacBook, Nintendo Switch and more.


Road Trip: Passport III and SuperTank Pro

 Water: check. Map: check. Snacks: check. Now all that’s left is how you’re going to keep everything charged while you’re on the road. Passport III from Zendure is more than just a travel adapter. It has enough output ports to charge six devices at once, and it delivers up to 65W of power thanks to its GaN technology. You might even decide to leave your USB-C laptop’s charging adapter at home and go with the space-saving Passport III. If you need some energy storage and more power, SuperTank Pro is a great fit. Long stretches between refills are no problem with SuperTank Pro’s 26,800mAh capacity. That’s enough juice to charge an iPhone more than 6 times. Plus, it can charge your devices at up to 100W. Talk about a tank!


Family Outings: SuperTank Pro or SuperMini X3

 Sometimes the simple plans are the best ones, like hitting the town with the whole family. The more, the merrier, right? Except when it comes to trying to keep everyone’s gadgets charged. We have two recommendations, and the choice really comes down to how big the family is. For smaller groups, SuperMini X3 is a total winner. Despite its compact size, SuperMini X3 boasts a 10,000mAh capacity and has enough ports to charge three devices at a time. For a larger family, SuperTank Pro is the way to go. With four USB-C ports, 100W output, and a whopping 26,800mAh of charge capacity, there’s plenty of power to go around.


Whatever your Father’s Day plans are, Zendure gear can handle pretty much anything—just like Dad.


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